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...Of Bees, Beekeepers and food.)
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Our Food Supply is in danger because our bees are in danger.

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This web page is dedicated to the One who made the bees, the flowers,
and the world He has given us to take care of.
More about Him

Did you ever eat (or throw away) a watermelon that tasted more like the rind than the sweet watermelon you were expecting? If so, your watermelon did not get pollinated well enough when it was only a blossom. kidmel6.jpg (26060 bytes)
hb pollen basket 5233.jpg (17652 bytes) How does a blossom get pollinated? The answer is bees.  Bees gather pollen and nectar that they find in the blossoms. If bees don't go into the blossoms to forage for food, the blossoms won't make seeds. Without seeds, most fruits and vegetables won't develop properly and they won't taste good.

The Buzz About Bees A great Web Quest by Chris Elrod that uses this web page.


Pollination:  What's In It For Me?



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The Pollination Home Page by Dave Green, highly detailed information about pollination especially for farmers and beekeepers

A Shirker, Not a Worker by Davd L. Green
A story offering the bees' perspective on survival, beekeepers, pesticides, God, and the TIME OF GREAT SWEETNESS. Originally intended for children, grades 4-7, adults also find this book highly informative and entertaining. Self published, illustrated, paperback, 24 pages. $5.00 postage paid in US. Payment in US funds only.  Click here to order

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About the author...

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        Janice Green is an elementary school librarian. She has had a curiosity about bees and beekeepers since her early teen years when she met an old man who kept bees around his run-down shack on the edge of the ball park in her small town in northern Indiana. She found her opportunity to enter the world of beekeeping in 1995 when she married long time beekeeper, Dave Green, otherwise known as "Pollinator" among beekeepers on the internet. She and Dave kept bees, provided crop pollination, and sold honey together as a "Mom and Pop" business for four years until she returned to the school system. Husband, Dave, has also retired from beekeeping having sold his pollination business to Kutiks Honey, and he is now the editor of the weekly newspaper in their community. Now they spend more time with beekeepers than with bees. 

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